Are Clear Braces as Effective as Metal Braces?

Are Clear Braces as Effective as Metal Braces?

Sep 01, 2022

Traditionally, only metal braces were used to correct orthodontic problems, and young children and adolescents mostly wore them. But nowadays, more adults are also improving their orthodontic work. First, however, the adults are looking to straighten their teeth discretely.

As such, clear braces offer an excellent alternative for adults and teens who don’t want to get attention to the fact that they’ve undergone orthodontic treatment. However, both metal and clear braces have their benefits and cons depending on the level of correction needed. Here are the highlights on the comparison between these two treatment options.

The Difference Between Metal and Clear Braces

When choosing the right braces for you or your child, you might consider different factors. For example, which type of braces will be the least noticeable, the ones that will work most quickly, and the most affordable.

One of the important things one should consider is effectiveness. Different braces, such as clear or metal braces, may be more effective than others. So first, let’s look at the difference between clear and metal braces.

What are Clear Braces?

These are orthodontic appliances that are made to blend with your teeth. Clear braces are used to treat children and adults dealing with orthodontic problems. They are the preferred option for metal braces because metal braces are conspicuous devices that might get in the way of your smile.

There are two types of clear braces that our dentist in Smile Scarsdale Pediatric Dentistry & Family Orthodontics administers to patients. The first is clear ceramic braces, the same as metal braces, and the second type is clear aligners which are transparent trays and removable.

Benefits of Clear Braces

These are some of the benefits of straightening teeth with clear braces in Scarsdale, NY:

Clear Braces Increases Your Confidence

Many people choose clear braces over metal braces because they increase their confidence. In addition, the metal wires and braces cover up most of your teeth, so people will see a mouth full of metal whenever you smile.

Clear braces don’t compromise your smile, and most people you’ll interact with won’t even know you have wires and brackets on your teeth. In addition, clear aligners are harder to notice since they are transparent completely.

The clear braces being able to straighten teeth increased confidence. You won’t have to spend time explaining why you have so much metal in your mouth, and you’ll get to show off your constantly-improving smile as your teeth move towards better alignment.

Clear Braces are Effective

Clear braces are a good way to straighten teeth and are also effective as metal braces when fixing most orthodontic problems. In addition, clear aligners placed by your pediatric dentist in 10583 lead to a shorter treatment time since the force applied to your teeth are more precise.

Improved Oral and Overall Health

When you treat your teeth alignment, you improve your dental and overall health. Poorly-aligned teeth may be difficult to clean because some teeth can get in the way of brushing and flossing. Treating your teeth alignment issues with clear braces makes it easier to keep your mouth clean, which helps you prevent plaque buildup on your teeth.

What Are Metal Braces

These are orthodontic treatment that helps align overcrowded or crooked teeth. Metal braces help in improving oral health. The pediatric dentist near you works on the straightness of teeth and may recommend a metal brace to:

  • Reduce the chance of damage to your prominent teeth
  • Correct your bite, so the back and teeth meet evenly
  • Correct dental crowding and straighten your teeth

Advantages of Metal Braces

Some of the benefits of metal braces include:

They Work Quickly

Metal braces offer fast treatment time in addition to effectiveness. People who choose these braces wear them between one to three years. So, metal braces are good a good investment of your time.

They are Affordable

Traditional braces are less expensive than other options and are often covered by insurance.

They are Durable

Traditional is made to last throughout your treatment. They are strong and can withstand the wear of brushing and chewing.

Metal Braces are an Effective Treatment for Tough Cases

Metal braces are the most effective solution for many orthodontic issues. They allow one to correct the alignment of your teeth by planning the treatment down to each shift of a tooth. Its results are life-changing.

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