Are Fluoride Treatments from Dentists Essential?

Are Fluoride Treatments from Dentists Essential?

Dec 01, 2020

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally to help build durable teeth and prevent cavities. In America, trace amounts of fluoride are available in tap water for over 70 years. The CDC states tooth decay has been reduced by 25 percent after fluoridated water was made available to Americans. Despite the benefits of fluoride available from tap water, dentists frequently recommend you should have fluoride treatments near you or from any other dentist to build healthier teeth. Why are dentists recommending fluoride treatments when fluoride is readily available free from tap water?

In-office fluoride treatments offer more benefits to protect teeth than fluoride available in tap water. Fluoride treatments in Scarsdale are beneficial for people susceptible to tooth decay but may be unsuitable for many people. This article looks at the benefits and side effects of fluoride treatment besides the recommendations.

Fluoride Treatments Explained

Professional fluoride treatments in 10583 contain a potent mixture of fluoride applied by a dentist or dental hygienist. The treatments are provided as a measure to improve health and prevent the risk of cavities. In-office treatments are provided in the form of a gel, solution, or varnish.

High concentration fluoride treatments are also available over the counter for use at home. However, they must only be used under the guidance of a dentist. Fluoride used by dentists for in-office treatments is similar to the fluoride in toothpaste. However, in-office treatments contain higher doses offering immediate benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

The teeth benefit in many ways from fluoride.

Fluoride helps the body to use minerals like calcium and phosphate better. The teeth reabsorb the minerals to repair weakened tooth enamel.

Fluoride joins the tooth structure in the developmental stages to strengthen enamel and make it less susceptible to bacteria and cavities for life.

Fluoride can slow or reverse the development of cavities by attacking the bacteria causing cavities.

When combined, the benefits of fluoride can help to:

  1. Prevent or delay the growth of cavities.
  2. Delay the need for costly dental treatments.
  3. Prolong the life of primary teeth and reduce the time and expenditure patients must spend at the dentist’s office.

Why Should Fluoride Treatments Be Obtained from Dentists?

When people decide to obtain fluoride treatments near Yonkers, they are not only slowing down the growth of bacteria but are also preventing gum disease, reducing toothaches, and preventing premature loss of teeth.

Fluoride treatments improve oral health, which, as per the WHO, is a significant predictor of overall health. Poor oral health causes many other health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

What Are Fluoride Treatment Recommendations?

People will do well to read the CDC and the ADA recommendations that state, frequent exposure to tiny amounts of fluoride daily is excellent for reducing the risk of cavities in people of all ages. People can continue drinking tap water with optimal fluoride levels and brush their teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Children and adults at a higher risk of dental caries can benefit from in-office fluoride treatments provided by a dentist.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Fluoride Treatments?

Every treatment discovered until this moment has health advocates expressing concerns about them. Fluoride is no exception to this rule, and the naysayers argue that fluoride for children or even fluoridated water is not just unsafe but is dangerous. However, the myth that fluoride treatments or water can cause widespread harm is best ignored as a story developed by the naysayers for individual satisfaction.

Fluoride does have its side effects, which could be in the form of an allergic reaction in rare situations.

  1. Over-the-counter fluoride treatments in high concentrations also cause toxicity when used frequently without supervision from a dentist. However, even these cases are unusual.
  2. The most popular side effect of fluoride is tooth discoloration. The problem is common among children who ingest too much fluoride during the developmental stages of their primary and permanent teeth. Children can develop fluorosis from birth to eight years. The discoloration is standard among children because they are given too much fluoride through supplements or swallow toothpaste.

Fluoride treatments are safe for everyone. Even the side effects discussed in this article are minimal than the benefits. Any harm discussed is likely to arise from swallowing high quantities of fluoride. People with cavities or at risk of tooth decay must discuss their concerns with a dentist before proceeding with in-office fluoride treatments.

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