Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Apr 16, 2019

For added protection against decay and cavities, dental sealants in Scarsdale, NY, can help! Unfortunately, there are times when regular daily brushing and flossing just isn’t enough. Even kids with the best oral hygiene practices still end up with tooth decay. In reality, toothbrushes work well at removing plaque and debris from easy to reach tooth surfaces. What’s more, they are great tools when used properly. However, the bristles may not reach the deep grooves in the chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars). These are the hidden spaces where leftover food particles, bacteria, and plaque tend to build up.

The deep pits and fissures in molars make it hard to prevent decay. This is especially true in children’s teeth. But with extra protection, it is not impossible to avoid cavities early in life. For that reason, we offer dental sealants at Smile Scarsdale.


Tooth sealants at Smile Scarsdale are a fast and affordable way to safeguard your child’s teeth against damaging plaque and bacteria. An added perk is that the procedure is safe and non-invasive. Your dentist in Scarsdale simply paints on the protection layer and uses a curing light to harden the sealant. Dental sealants are virtually invisible, but we will check them at each dental visit. If the layer is chipped, worn, or damaged in any way, the sealant will be replaced during your child’s routine appointment.


When applied properly, dental sealants should last for many years. Compared to the cost of dental restorations, tooth sealants are well worth the investment.

Other ways to keep your child’s smile healthy include:

  • Eating a balanced, healthy diet
  • Twice daily toothbrushing using the proper technique
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Keep up with routine dental visits and teeth cleanings
  • Limiting or avoiding sugary foods

Keep in mind that youngsters need help with proper brushing and flossing until about age nine. This is because, until that age, they have not yet fully developed their dexterity. Feel free to contact our dental office in Scarsdale with any question about pediatric dental care.

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