Emergency Dentistry 101: What to Do & Know When Emergency Strikes!

Emergency Dentistry 101: What to Do & Know When Emergency Strikes!

Apr 13, 2020

In case of an accident, it is how we respond that determines how bad it can turn out. In this article, we will discuss how you can handle dental emergencies to ensure you don’t have to pay a lot for it. You can talk to us if you are looking for an emergency dentist near you.

The following is how you should respond to different dental emergencies.

A knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is probably one of the most common dental emergencies. If you are involved in an accident, and your tooth gets knocked out, how you respond is very important. It can be the difference between saving and losing the tooth. The following tips can help you out:

Pick the knocked-out tooth from the ground by its crown. Ensure not to touch or scratch the roots. Place a towel or washcloth on your sink. Open the tap and rinse the tooth gently. The washcloth will help prevent draining the tooth by accident.

Try to place it back to its socket. If it’s too painful, place the tooth inside a glass of milk or water with some salt in it. Make a call to an emergency dentist near you and try to get there as soon as possible, arriving at the clinic fast increases the chances of saving the tooth. You can count on us if you need emergency dentistry in Greenville.

Injury to the Gums

A dental emergency does not always involve pain in your teeth. Sometimes your teeth might be fine, but you have injured your gums. An injury to the Gums leads to a lot of bleeding since the gums are in rich supply of it. In case of an injury to the Gums:

  • Rinse your mouth gently with warm water with some salt in it.
  • Apply some pressure on the injured gums with a moistened bag for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Hold an ice bag from the outside for 7-10 minutes to help reduce bleeding or any swelling that comes with the injury.
  • Get to the dentist as fast as you can. Don’t stop applying some pressure on the injured gums on your way there.


We know how a toothache can be troublesome, especially at night. It is even worse if it is your kid experiencing this pain. In case of a severe toothache, the following tips can help you handle it:

  • Warm some water and use it to rinse your mouth.
  • Brush your teeth gently and then floss them to remove any food remains. Brushing your teeth will also help get rid of bacteria
  • Use prescribed painkillers to help relieve pain.
  • Apply an ice bag outside the aching tooth for about ten minutes.
  • Rush to a dental emergency near you if the pain is still unbearable.

Broken Tooth

Save all the pieces you have of the broken tooth. After that, rinse your mouth with some warm water. Rinse the saved pieces as well. In case of bleeding, place a piece of gauze onto the bleeding site. Use the cold compress method to try and alleviate the pain. Take a painkiller if you have some at home. Use the fastest means to get to the dentist ASAP.

Objects Caught Between Your Teeth

If you don’t manage to remove the objects caught between your teeth by brushing, use dental floss, and remove them gently. In case the dental floss don’t work, then get to the dentist as soon as you can

Don’t be tempted to use sharp objects to remove the objects. You might end up doing more harm than good if you hurt your gums.

Lost Crown

If your crown fall, pick it up and try to put it back. Use a cotton swab to apply some olive oil on the painful areas. Before that, coat the area with toothpaste, adhesive, or dental cement if you have any at home. Book an appointment with the dentist near you so that he can cement the crown permanently.

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