How Does Invisalign for Teens Differ from Invisalign for Adults?

How Does Invisalign for Teens Differ from Invisalign for Adults?

Apr 01, 2023

A misaligned smile causes embarrassment for plenty of people. It can also decline the quality of life of an individual. So if you are dealing with multiple dental issues like overbites, gapped teeth, or underbites, Invisalign treatment is a perfect solution. It is the best option for adults and teens that want to improve their appearance and avoid the hassle of metal braces. The dentist near you will give you the see-through custom aligners that shift teeth gradually into their proper position.

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign teens are ideal for teenagers since there is no metal in the mouth. It is effective in treating misaligned teen teeth. Invisalign teens have a blue usage indicator. These tiny blue dots on the aligners fade off after two weeks of wearing them.

Invisalign for Adults

This clear aligner treatment is ideal for adult patients. It means the teeth-straightening treatment offers advantages to people from 20 to 80 years old.

What is the Difference Between Invisalign Teens and Invisalign Adults?

If you have a strong set of healthy gums and teeth, but teeth are slightly crooked, Invisalign can help you get a straight smile regardless of your age. Invisalign for teens and grown-ups uses the same material for both age groups and addresses the same dental issues. But teen Invisalign near you is slightly different from Invisalign for adults. Below are the essential differences that you need to know:

Eruption Tabs

The professional recommends Invisalign teen treatment to teenagers that have adult teeth still growing or some baby teeth.

Compliance Indicator

Invisalign teen aligners are built to address a few barriers specific to adults. For example, sometimes, teenagers for kids tend to forget their teen straightening device back in their mouth after participating in physical activities or after drinking or eating anything.

It makes the treatment ineffective for them. Usually, wearing aligners for about two hours a day is vital. Ignoring this could lead to unsuccessful teeth alignment treatment.

Invisalign teen aligners solve this issue with a blue indicator dot. It usually signifies the total number of hours the patient has worn the aligner a day. It helps teenagers say compliance with the recommended wearing time of Invisalign teeth.

Six Sets of Replacement

Another difference between Invisalign for adults and teens is the number of aligners every patient will get. To minimize the concern of broken or lost aligners, Invisalign teen comes with six replacement sets. It ensures that the teeth straightening treatment goes as per the plan. On the other hand, Invisalign aligners for adults do not have such a dot because grown-ups have the self-discipline required to wear the aligners.

What is Common in Invisalign in Teens and Invisalign in Adults?

Invisalign for adults and Invisalign for teens in Scarsdale, NY have the following things in common:


Both Invisalign in adults and teens are comfortable to wear because the patients can easily take them off and on when brushing, flossing, and eating food. Also, the plastic used for Invisalign manufacturing is smooth. There are no wires that could cause discomfort inside the mouth.

Invisible Appearance

Another advantage of aligners is that they are clear. Therefore, it offers an invisible appearance that others do not see you are wearing. This makes Invisalign a good choice for people that don’t want to deal with metal wires and brackets.

No Food Restrictions

Traditional braces for adults and teenagers have certain food restrictions. However, it’s not the case with Invisalign aligners. Adults and teenagers can remove the trays easily and eat whatever they desire.

Better Dental and Overall Health

Crooked teeth make it hard to remove stuck food between teeth and plaque build-up. It can result in gum diseases which ultimately cause loss of teeth at an early age.

Many pieces of research show that gum diseases and tooth decay are closely connected with other diseases. Since aligners are easy to remove, the wearer can take them off to brush and floss their teeth. Therefore maintaining your dental health means a healthier you.

Improves Self-Esteem

Misaligned jaws and crooked teeth are a source of discomfort for many people. If you are facing such issues, getting an Invisalign at Smile Scarsdale is the best solution for you. These plastic aligners give you a gorgeous smile and improve your confidence back.

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