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Many people are scared of dental procedures. Most worry for days about the pain they are sure they will feel as well as the discomfort. Sedation is a huge help for patients so they can be more relaxed when they have dental procedures. Are you wondering if it is right for you?

If you have sedation, Smile Scarsdale will give you the drug before or even during your procedure. There is only one kind, general anesthesia, that renders you completely unconscious. The other forms will allow you to relax, but they won’t completely knock you out.

The following are the most common sedation methods used in dentistry:

  • Laughing Gas: It is a gas that will relax you while having the procedure. It will wear off fast, so the dentist can let you drive yourself home after your appointment is finished.
  • Oral sedatives: There are oral sedatives, like diazepam, that will help you relax during the time of the procedure. They are usually taken an hour before the appointment time. You are wide awake but will not feel anxious, and then you will feel a little tired and sleepy until you wear it off.
  • IV sedatives: IV sedatives can place you in many different stages of consciousness. It is also called general anesthesia and, will put you in a deep sleep state until it is out of your system. Other IV drugs can place you in a “twilight sleep.” You are not so aware of what is going on around you, and you might feel sleepy, but you will not be able to remember much of what happened after the procedure is over.

There are some who automatically assume that the general anesthetic will offer them the best route. It comes with more side effects than other methods though, so you might want to think about a lesser form of sedation. If your Smile Scarsdale starts to talk about sleep dentistry, they might be talking about general anesthesia. Ask them to explain more thoroughly.

It may be that you prefer sedation or sleep dentistry, but first, do talk to your dentist. Make sure he knows about any allergic reactions you may have had in the past, especially those related to anesthesia, so your dentist can make more educated recommendations.

You might want to talk to him about local anesthetics. They will numb the area that he is working on so that you will not feel any pain. Dentists most usually give local anesthetics with a needle that is short, along the gum line in several places. If you are not scared of your dentist, then local anesthetic might be all you need.

The process will depend on what type of sedation your dentist will finally choose. If he decides on an oral sedative, the dentist can prescribe for you, and tell you how to take it. If you follow the instructions, you will have increased relaxation and reduced anxiety. Once the medication starts working, you will begin to feel content and drowsy.

You never have to get prepared for laughing gas. The dentist will give it before, during, and shortly after you have your procedure. If you decide on IV sedation, then you may need to prepare beforehand.

The dentist could ask you to not eat or drink for several hours (usually after midnight or eight hours) before you have the dental work. He may ask you not to take certain medications that you take every day because they might cause problems with the sedation.

People that get serious about sedation for their dental procedures can have different reasons:

  • General anxiety disorder
  • Resistant to local anesthetic
  • Small mouth that gets sore while having dental work
  • Sensitive oral nerves
  • Bad experience in the past with dental work
  • Dental procedures phobia

If you think you have any of the above problems, talk to your dentist about some form of sedation. Dental sedation can get you through many procedures.

If you have any fears about your upcoming dental work, ask your dentist about the sedation. It could make you feel better, and you will not need to worry about the pain and other problems because of your dental issues. When you come to Smile Scarsdale, we provide the best dental care in Scarsdale, and we make your comfort our number one priority.

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