Surprising Facts About How Invisalign Works

Surprising Facts About How Invisalign Works

Mar 12, 2020

They say that a smile can light up a room; this is why almost everyone desires to have a straight, beautiful smile. To achieve this goal, most individuals who suffer from dental issues such as overbites, crowded teeth, or crossbites visit their dentists to have teeth alignment.

There are several teeth aligners in the dental industry, but a revolutionary teeth aligner known as Invisalign is currently available in an Invisalign dental clinic near you. Invisalign treatment in Scarsdale is gaining a lot of popularity due to the results it can achieve.

It is, however, essential to note that this teeth alignment method will only deliver amazing results if only used on certain misalignment conditions such as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Gentle overbites

Thorough, intensive dental procedures can only rectify more severe alignment issues. It is therefore vital to have our dentists check on your condition and advise you on what methods would work best for you.

Where to Begin?

Invisalign treatment can sound a bit complicated, but there isn’t much to it. After our dentists have ascertained that you are a viable candidate for this treatment, you can begin to get prepared for your teeth alignment journey.

The initial step to your Invisalign treatment in Ardsley would be to get all the necessary details needed to initiate your treatment. These details will include:

  • Digital X-Rays
  • Detailed photographs of your teeth and facial structure
  • A digital scan of your teeth on an iTero scanner

These details are then computed and will be sent to an Invisalign dental clinic near you. Using these specific details and with the desired outcome in mind, our dentist will help formulate a 3D computer image, detailing your entire treatment plan.

The image will show how your teeth are to be moved into alignment from the current state they are into the desired result. This image will then be used to create customized and specific aligners at an Invisalign dental clinic near you.

Invisalign aligners are made of a transparent thermoplastic material that is customized to fit your teeth perfectly. To get an Invisalign near, you may take about 4-5 weeks before they arrive.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Your Invisalign treatment plan will consist of between 20-50 customized sets of aligners that are to be worn for 1-2 weeks each. These aligners put some pressure on your teeth, forcing them to move a few inches each week to match each set of aligners, and thereby gradually straightening your teeth over weeks.

A single treatment plan may last for up to 18 weeks, and you will need to regularly check in with our dentist every six weeks to ensure good progress is being attained.

For your treatment plan to work at the pace at which it was designed to work, you will need to ensure that your aligner stays on for about 20 hours a day, only coming off during meals and brushing or flossing.

You can also clean your aligners at every brushing session using water and your toothbrush, ensuring that your oral hygiene stays on point as it should.

When you have completed your last set of aligners, our dentist will help ascertain that the desired target was achieved and advise you on whether you will need to wear retainers in the nearby future.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Invisalign Treatment?

  • Unlike braces, you can take them off during meals. Thus you do not need to entertain any diet restrictions.
  • They can be taken off during brushing and flossing, ensuring that your dental hygiene is proper and eradicating the risk of gum diseases and tooth decay
  • They have a more aesthetic value. Some people may not even notice that you are wearing any aligners, unlike braces, that are a bit unsightly.
  • They are more comfortable than braces because they are made from a soft plastic material that is trimmed right under the gums, making them have a perfect fit.
  • The trays can be taken off during sporting activities or important occasions, making them convenient.

Invisalign treatment is revolutionary. You can choose to get started on your Invisalign treatment in Scarsdale today. At Smiles Scarsdale, we are a certified Invisalign dentistry, and we are ready to help you begin transforming and perfecting your smile today.

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