There’s No Need to Fear a Pediatric Dental Filling

There’s No Need to Fear a Pediatric Dental Filling

Aug 01, 2019

Even though friends, family, and social media may lead you to believe that getting a cavity restored can be a scary process, the truth is that a dental filling is one of the most commonly performed pediatric dental treatments.

A Simple and Quick Procedure

Not only is it a quick, simple method of returning a decayed or damaged tooth to full health and function, but with modern dentistry techniques, they can now be made of many different materials. Instead of old-fashioned silver, your dentist at Smile Scarsdale will work with you to pick what works best for your child’s situation after a thorough assessment of the remaining strength of the affected tooth.

What to Expect During the Appointment

Repairing a cavity in a child’s tooth is much the same as what you’ve experienced as an adult. The procedure consists of five easy steps – an exam, the application of an anesthetic to numb any associated pain, removing the tooth’s decay, filling the tooth, and then adjusting the bite.

Easy Aftercare for Dental Fillings

Your child may experience some oral tenderness immediately after the procedure. Try to avoid letting them eat any hard foods for about 36 hours. Also, it’s suggested that you steer clear of extremely hot or cold foods for the same amount of time. Ice cream may seem like a good way of telling them you’re proud of them, but try to make it a milkshake from a straw instead!

Good Practice for Pediatric Patients

One way to avoid dental anxiety in children is to have them accompany you to a dental appointment so they can see first-hand how easily you handle the exam and treatment process. Your child wants to be just like you, so this is a great opportunity to show them that oral care is nothing to be fearful of. This can be especially beneficial as your child grows older and transitions into the need for orthodontics in Scarsdale, NY.

Take Some Pre-Emptive Measures

Another way to avoid the possibility of dental decay in your little one’s teeth is to consider fluoride treatment from a dentist near you like Smile Scarsdale. Since cavities are one of the biggest oral health threats that children face today, a professional fluoride treatment can help strengthen enamel and serve as a shield against caustic mouth acid. Contact our office today to learn more!

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