Top 5 Reasons Why Tooth Extraction May Be Needed

Top 5 Reasons Why Tooth Extraction May Be Needed

Jul 01, 2019

Tooth Damage or Severe Decay

This is probably the most commonly thought of reason for a tooth to be pulled, and it’s understandable why. When decay or tooth breakage occurs, bacteria from the mouth can often enter the center of the tooth, which then results in infection.

Periodontal Disease

Although gum disease is most commonly thought of to affect only older patients, early gum disease can be a culprit to patients of all ages. When a patient’s gums become infected, the surrounding area also becomes compromised, which means there’s less structural integrity to hold a tooth in place. When this happens, the only option is extraction.

Impacted Tooth

If you’ve been told that you have an impacted tooth, it means that there’s some blockage that is preventing a tooth from fully emerging. This condition is most often seen in wisdom teeth removal in Scarsdale, NY.

Teeth Overcrowding

Most commonly seen as a part of orthodontic treatment, the need to make space for straighter teeth often means that one or more overcrowded teeth need to be removed. Also, a dentist near you may need to pull a tooth to make room for an emerging tooth that has no space to break through.

Tooth Trauma

It’s always the first option for dentists near you in Scarsdale, NY to save a tooth that has become damaged, but in cases of severe trauma such as tooth breakage, that may not be an option. The good news is that should a patient need a tooth extracted, a dental implant or a dental bridge procedure can be performed as a replacement.

A Final Note

Unless a tooth has been removed to make space from over-crowding or to relieve an impaction, it is always recommended that steps be taken to replace the tooth. By leaving the gap that the dental extraction created, patients will experience further dental concerns down the road, such as shifting teeth or loss of jaw structure. Remember, restorative dentistry such as a dental crown may be an effective option in preventing an extraction in Scarsdale, NY, in the first place. Make an appointment now at Smile Scarsdale to see how we can help save your smile!

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