What Can Clear Braces Fix for Your Child’s Teeth?

What Can Clear Braces Fix for Your Child’s Teeth?

Mar 01, 2023

Is your child dealing with crooked or poorly aligned teeth? You may think their teeth don’t appear aesthetically pleasing and need attention from the pediatric dentist near you to ensure good oral health and a beautiful smile.

Considering a dental visit to the pediatric dentist is a decision that benefits your child significantly because it helps them to have better-looking teeth and enjoy proper dental hygiene without infections in their mouth. The pediatric dentist determines which orthodontic appliance best suits your child’s needs after examining their mouth to consider the complexity of their situation. For example, if your child has mild to moderate orthodontic defects, they can benefit from a discreet teeth straightening system from Invisalign, Invis. Unfortunately, if their situation is complex, you might need to get them traditional braces, considered the gold standard for straightening teeth, or clear braces also delivering similar results.

The options available for your child to straighten teeth might confuse you. It is why this article explains clear braces and Invis to help you determine the best choice for your kid in consultation with the pediatric dentist treating them.

What Are Clear Braces?

Initially, ceramics helped create clear braces that remained nearly invisible in the mouth, although they were similar to traditional braces. Instead of having metal brackets and stainless steel wires mounted on the teeth to hold them in place, ceramic brackets remained nearly invisible, and orthodontists also used clear plastic wires and bands to have the braces in the mouth.

If you want a discreet option for your child and are not comfortable with ceramic braces, you can discuss your concerns with family orthodontics Scarsdale for an alternative. They might offer you Invis helpful for straightening primary and permanent teeth. Invis treats many problems with teeth, like underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, gapped teeth, and crowded teeth. However, Invis does not treat complicated orthodontic defects and is best used for mild to moderate cases. Therefore you must keep an open mind when you discuss your child’s needs with the pediatric dentist and get them the braces they recommend for optimal results.

When to Consider Orthodontics?

Pediatric dentists recognize signs of improper growth of teeth when you take your child for regular exams and cleanings. However, they recommend that you take your child to an orthodontist by six or seven if they notice any imperfections. The Scarsdale family orthodontics practice suggests traditional braces to straighten children’s teeth if they need orthodontic assistance. Alternatively, they also recommend interventional orthodontics that helps prevent complicated situations and prepares you for an investment in orthodontics for children later. Therefore the earlier you seek treatment for children’s crooked and misaligned teeth, the easier for you to succeed in correcting the problem.

What Happens When Your Child Gets Clear Braces?

When you take your child to the Scarsdale dental practice for orthodontic treatment and express your desire to provide your child with clear braces in Scarsdale, NY, the practice designs a treatment plan explicitly for your child.

If you favor ceramic braces on your child’s teeth, the dentists have the brackets fabricated locally from a dental laboratory after examining your child’s mouth and schedule an appointment with you to start the teeth straightening treatment for your child. However, if you are intent on getting Invis or your child to make the treatment less painful, the professional takes images of your child’s teeth and mouth for the manufacturer’s Align Technologies to custom create their orthodontic treatment and send the clear plastic braces to them before they hand them over to your child.

After mounting on your child’s teeth, Ceramic braces remain in the mouth for the duration of the treatment and need monthly adjustments to exert more pressure on their teeth to straighten them. However, if your child qualifies for Invis, they receive a removable set of braces that need removal when eating or cleaning their teeth.

After mounting on the teeth, Ceramic braces need help from Scarsdale family orthodontics for removal because they do not have the removable feature. In contrast, Invis is removable and requires discipline from your child to keep them on their teeth for the stipulated number of hours daily to achieve the desired results.

Clear ceramic braces can correct all orthodontic imperfections, including a misaligned jaw. Invis merely straightens teeth without moving the jaw. Therefore assistance from the orthodontist is essential to determine which orthodontic appliance best suits your child for teeth straightening.

If you think your child needs treatment to straighten their teeth, Smile Scarsdale provides clear braces in Scarsdale. Kindly consult the practice with your child to determine whether they can benefit from clear ceramic braces or have Invis, a virtually invisible teeth straightening system, to enjoy better-looking teeth and oral health.

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